Friday, February 27, 2015

JAM Jan Dhan Aadhar Mobile

Government of india started jan dhan aadhar mobile yojna jam in budget of fy 2015-16

Thursday, February 26, 2015 Help Salary Preparation

PayManager.raj.nic.In National Informatics Centre, Jaipur 

Getting started

  • Prerequisite
  • Office ID
  • Maker/Checker Concept
  • DDO username/password would be provided initially by NIC
  • Budget head
  • Network Connection
  • Internet Browser
  • Legacy data(Paybill.mdb) [First time Only]

Legacy data size should not be more than 15MB.To reduce size, delete tables
other than mentioned below and also use ’Compact & Repair’ Option under MS
Access Database.
Tables required Allowances, ChildrenMaster, Deductions, EmployeeMaster,
GroupMaster, LICMaster, LoanMaster, SlabMaster, SPLAllowances, DDO, Initials
and remove rest tables.

Step 1: Log On
Logon on to

Step 2: User Creation and Permissions
DDOs’ Username and Password would be provided by NIC. After Login, use ‘System
Admin’ tab in the Main Menu to create users for your subordinates.
  • On First Login System would prompt to change the password.
  • Use ‘Create User’ option to create users and assigning Roles.
  • Use ‘Group Permission’ option for assigning Group Permissions to work on selected Groups.

Step 3: Porting Legacy Data to Pay Manager Server
Upload Offline Pay bill data [paybill.mdb] using ‘MDB Data Transfer’ Tab from
the Main Menu. This option would provide you the details of your master
information and allow changing as per standard being used under IFMS-Pay bill
Application. For Example Standard Pay-ID, Designation, Bank Codes. Until all
steps given below are verified, Offline data would not be allowed to transfer to
On-line Pay bill Database. The given below steps will port the latest month’s
legacy data to Pay Manager server.PayManager.raj.nic.In
National Informatics Centre, Jaipur Page 2
Follow the steps given below under ‘MDB Data Transfer’ Menu.
  • Upload MDB
  • Select paybill.mdb from desired location.
  • Data Transfer
  • Click on ‘Data Transfer’ Tab to transfer the data in to server database after selecting the DDO as shown on the screen.
  • Verify Allowances
  • Update allowance ID as per the standard allowance master.
  • Verify Deductions
  • Update deduction ID as per the standard deduction master.
  • Verify Bank Code
  • Update Bank Code as per the standard bank master.
  • Verify Designations
  • Update Designations as per the standard Designation master.
  • Verify Employees.
  • If above steps are verified then just click this option to transfer the
  • data into On-line Pay bill database.

Step 4: Employee Pay Details (Adding /Deleting allowances and Deductions of
  • Use ‘Employee Pay Details’ option in ‘Bill Processing’ menu to Add/Modify/Delete employee’s pay details.
  • Use ‘Add Group allowance and Deductions’ in ‘Bill Processing’ Tab for bulk update of allowances and deductions for a Group.
  • Here various options for Salary Stop, Partial Payments, and Individual Allowances & Deductions are available.
  • Allowances and deductions can be added using amount , formulae and slab

 Step 5: Assigning Bill Numbers to Bills
Use ‘Bill Allocation’ Option in ‘Bill Processing’ menu, to assign bill numbers to bills
being prepared. This option would provide two ways to assign Bill no. to Bills.
  • Manual
  • Auto Bill Number assignment with in assigned range

Step 6: Salary Process for a Month
Select ‘Monthly Salary Process’ option in ‘Bill Processing’ menu to process Monthly salary.
  • All the Bills of a particular month will be available for Processing.
  • After Processing the Bills maker have to forward it to checker/DDO.PayManager.raj.nic.In

National Informatics Centre, Jaipur Page 3

Step 7: Processing of Reports
All the required reports necessary for treasury/DDO are available here.

Step 8: Bill Forward/Revert
Select the ‘Bill Forward’/ ‘Bill Revert’ option from ‘Authorization’ menu to do
following functions
  • Authorized Bills from DDOs would be forwarded to Treasury by DDO.

 DDO -->>TO
  • If bills are objected by DDO the same may be reverted back to maker by DDOs.

 DDO --> Maker
  •  The objected Bills by treasury would appear to DDOs and the same may be reverted back from DDO to Maker.

 DDO -->Maker

Step 9: Bill Cycle Closure.
However TV no. would be assigned automatically by the Treasury Application But still
the process for TV Assignment has been kept to safeguard any changes required by
  • TV no. can be assigned by using ‘TV No. Assignment’ option in ‘Authorization’ menu.

Step 10: Employee Corner
‘Employee Corner’ can be used by the employees to view the following using their
personal IDs
  •  Personal details
  •  Pay Slip
  •  GA 55
  •  Income Tax
  •  Form 16

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