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Income Tax E filing and Refund Status

Check your Income Tax Refund Status

The Income Tax Department offers an online facility for tracking your Income Tax Refund and its status. Taxpayers can view status of refund 10 days after their refund has been sent. You will have to type your PAN number and select the Assessment Year

How to use the Income Tax Department's e-Filing website

  1. The first step is to either login or register on the website.
  2. Once you enter your PAN number, the website will tell you if you're already registered.
  3. If you've e-Filed before, chances are that you might already be registered. Please search your email inbox for "" to look for information that might be useful.
  4. If you remember your password, login. Note: Your User ID is your PAN number.
    If you don't remember your password, you need to Reset your password.
  5. If you're not able to reset the password with any of the three options provided, please send an email to - with the following details
    PAN holder's Name:
    Date of Birth:
    Father's Name:
    Registered PAN address: 


अगर  आप ऑनलाइन इनकम टैक्स का रिटर्न  फाइल करना चाहते है
 तो आपको निम्न कागजात चाहिए होंगे

  1. PAN नंबर
  2. वेतनभोगी कर्मचारियों के लिए
  3. फॉर्म - 16 
  4. बैंक पासबुक अथवा स्टेटमेंट 
  5. आपके द्वारा अर्जित किये गए किसी प्रकार के ब्याज का हिशाब किताब 
  6. धारा 80C के तहत किये गये निवेश जैसे LIC, NSC, PPF आदि का विवरण जिसके अंतर्गत आप छुट पाने के योग्य हो 
  7. आपको अपने एम्प्लोयी या गवर्नमेंट द्वारा जरी किये गये TDS CERTIFICATE
  8. आप द्वारा दान दिए गये पैसे का हिसाब किताब

  • Documents needed for filing Income Tax Returns in India.

    PAN number

  • For Salaried Employees

  • Form-16 issued by your employer

  • If you have Interest or Other Income

  • Bank statements / passbook for Interest Income on bank deposits.
  • Statements of Interest Income besides Bank deposits
  • TDS certificates issued to you by your bank and others

  • Section 80C investment statements. Investments done under LIC, NSC, PPF qualify for Section 80C deductions.
  • Charitable donation statements. Donations that can be claimed for tax deductions under Section 80G. Typically the receipt issued by the institute you donate to mentions the eligibility under Section 80G.
  • Section 80CCF investments. Upto Rs. 20,000 can be claimed as tax deduction under this section

  • Other Investment Documents

  • Interest paid on housing loan. Interest on housing loan is eligible for tax saving upto Rs 1,50,000. This is for a self-occupied house.
  • Education loan interest payments.
  • Stock trading statement. The stock trades that were made during the year may be taxed under Capital Gain.

  • Form 26AS
    The Income Tax department actually shows you the tax credit you have accrued from various Taxes deducted at source.
    This typically should match all your TDS certificates.

    Learn how to access your Form 26AS

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